What is MUDA Africa?

MuDa Africa is a non-profit organization which gives professional training in the fields of music and dance to Tanzanian youth. MuDa, short for MUsic and Dance, means “time” in Swahili. Time alludes to movement, rhythm and space but also to a modern urban Africa integrated with traditional knowledge and wisdom. We represent the present, with firm roots in the past, defining our vision of the future.

We, at Muda Africa Dance, believe that contemporary dance cultivates the individual and collective spirit of creativity, trust, cooperation, discipline and openness to change. These fundamental values and skills will help the youth of Tanzania become agents of positive change in the society. We work alongside Panta Rei Danseteater from Norway and DTS (?)

The Dance School

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Muda Africa selects between 20 and 30 students between the ages of 15 and 25 to follow a 3-year course in contemporary dance. The students are divided into 2 groups and follow daily classes in dance, choreography and performance techniques. They also attend self-management classes which include computer, social media, English language and portfolio management training.

Students graduate with a certificate after 2 years and a diploma after 3 years. Our exams have been approved by Basata. This is the Tanzanian Arts Council which is the executive body of the Ministry of Culture.

Next audition: January 2020

Girls outreach

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We have very few women amongst our students. We have therefore setup a weekly dance class for 40 students at the Zanaki government secondary school for girls. In this way, we will bring awareness of dance as a profession from a younger age and encourage more girls to take interest in the performing arts.

Dance festival

The festival is called ‘Time 2 Dance’. It is an annual event which showcases the work of the Muda Africa students and international dance companies. It is an important opportunity for our students to gain performance experience, network with professional dancers, become known by dance companies and programmers from around the world and to market themselves.

Next festival dates: 19,21,22 September 2018

Public classes

Yoga: every Tuesday and Thursday, 5.30-6.30 pm, free entry
African dance: every Tuesday and Thursday 6.45-7.45pm, fee: 7,000 TZS.
Venue: Nafasi Art Space


Artistic Director: Ian Mwaisunga
Executive Director: Rachel Kessi
Accountant: Scolastica Sultan


All of the festivals, performances and events we are holding at MUDA Africa are all listed here

News From MUDA

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