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Introducing Tubby and Nottubby

(also known as Louis Fortier and Sophie Brech). The duo is at MUDA giving a two-day workshop and performing their internationally acclaimed The Tragicomic Destiny of Tubby and Nottubby. After more than 120 performances in France, Canada, Quebec, Afghanistan, Colombia, and Turkey the piece comes to Tanzania! The epic tragicomedy has been nominated for Best Foreign Production by the Association of Quebec Theatre Critics and selected for The International Market of Contemporary Circus.

MUDA students will be the curtain raisers on this Laurel and Hardy meets Shakespeare extravaganza! 

Between them, Sophie and Louis have decades worth of physical theatre and dance experience taking them from Montreal to Sarajevo, Paris to Seoul,…


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MUDA graduates' first event

Co-founded by MUDA graduates Samwel Japhet Silas and Alawi Saidi, the Nantea Dance Company is hosting A Night of Contemporary Dance at the Alliance Française, Thursday 15th of February at 7:30pm.

"Nantea organised this evening because Tanzanians like to move, they enjoy movement," explains Alawi, a.k.a Thadi, on Boresha Biashara Radio.

This will be Nantea's first big public event since the company was founded in January 2016. 

"Karibuni sana!"

Introducing Wesley Ruzibiza

The Rwandan contemporary dance maestro is in town to give a selected group of students a 2-week choreography workshop. 

Wesley is the artistic director of Amizero Kompagnie, Rwanda’s first contemporary dance company established in 2005, and founder of the East African Nights of Tolerance festival. His credits include the prestigious École des Sables, training at the University of Rwanda and touring award-winning pieces throughout East Africa and beyond. 

What he thought of our students: “MUDA students are strong artists. They have a beautiful political mind, political body, there is so much they want to say. So working with them has also been a process of learning for me.”


Introducing Denis Plassard...

He's making us laugh - a lot! (And sweat - a lot!) Denis Plassard is gracing the MUDA stage for two days only, hosting a fantastic workshop with our students.

Full of humour and mischief, Denis’ dance often examines colliding worlds and cultures. His company, Compagnie Propos, was founded in 1991 and is based in Lyon, France. They’ve created close to 40 choreographies in 25 years, meshing together contemporary dancers and hip-hop artists, actors and musicians…

MUDA is also featured in Hors Sol, Denis’ photography project with only three rules: the subject must be lifted; his face must be hidden; the subject must look into the camera. In true Plassard fashion, they are both beautiful and super fun!

A big thank you to all our trainers

From Europe, to the States, to the continent - we had a truly fantastic group of trainers this year! As always, we cannot thank you enough...


Karibu Black Box Dance Company

The Black Box Dance Company is at MUDA to teach a movement research workshop, which will result in a joint production. Marie Brolin Tani, the company’s artistic director, will lead the 10-day workshop with the eight Tanzanian students we’ve selected.

The company is based in Denmark and was founded five years ago by six dancers right at the beginning of their careers. They work with the best of graduating dancers from all over Europe. 

Be sure not to miss Black Box’s performance of ‘Fear’, the contemporary dance piece they are also touring in Tanzania.

Introducing Johnny Autin...

the Birmingham-based dance practitioner and choreographer, and creator of the Autin Dance Theatre. He’s in town to work with our students and develop a piece entitled ‘La Folie des Passions’. 

Founded in 2013, the Autin Dance Theatre is a Birmingham-based dance theatre company known for its socially poignant and beautifully crafted performances. 

We at MUDA are very lucky to have such a skilful and generous trainer around. 

"You guys have to make sure you always look good!"

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