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'The last time I saw '

Displayed in the bowels of an abandoned mansion in one of Dar’s most affluent areas, artist Jan van Esch exhibits ‘The last time I saw’, his swan song and ode to his eight year’s in the city. 

MUDA will be performing at the event. 

A big thank you to all our trainers

As always, a big thank you to all the trainers who came to work with our students at MUDA this year. 

Your contributions to our students' dance education are invaluable, patience inexhaustible and artistry exquisite.  

Hands are for holding

Once again, MUDA welcomes the Gibney Dance company to Dar es Salaam, this time to lead a workshop confronting issues of domestic and gender-based violence. 

 This is how MUDA and Gibney Dance are participating in 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, in partnership with EngenderHealth and the US Embassy in Dar es Salaam. 

‘Hands are for holding’ will interrogate gender norms in society, how they affect our intimate relationships and what actions we could take in our communities to better promote patience, support, equality and trust. 

Gibney Dance was founded in 1991 as a “social action” dance company based in New York. Keeping to their roots, their mission is to “bring the possibility of movement where it otherwise would not exist.”




The workshop was subsequently taken to Iringa, where it toured in many communities to over 1000 people - mostly young men.

Our artistic director, Ian Mwaisunga facilitated the discussions with the audience around voice, choice and change. ‘Hands are for holding’ is an incredibly important piece of work that engaged its audience to not only think about their own relationships, but also prompted them to write down and commit to a specific action they would take to prevent the violence they may encounter in their daily lives. 

Happy Independance Day

We're performing at Dar es Salaam's House of Culture. 

The piece is by _____________________. 

Impose/Expose: Art Revealing Space

MUDA will be performing as part of the Impose/Expose exhibition taking over Dar city centre for the next couple weeks. The group piece will take place at Dar es Salaam's House of Culture and will focus on___________________________.

The exhibition will seek to interrogate the rapid evolution of the city, what has been lost, added, covered, interrupted...

Impose/Expose will run from 26th September until 10th October.





MUDA is at this month's Barazani

Muda students Samwel Japhet Silas and Emanuel Elias will be performing at this month’s Barazani at the Alliance Française.

Their duet is a contemporary dance piece entitled ‘Juzi, Jana na Leo’. Come through!

TaSuBa Festival

Our students are performing at the TaSuBa festival, hosted by the Bagamoyo Arts School. Rob Guy and Panta Rei are responsible for MUDA's offerings this year... don't miss us!

TEDxIlala: Yes, in my lifetime

Rob Guy and Panta Rei have choreographed two pieces to be performed by MUDA students at TEDXIlala. 

With the theme ‘Yes, in my lifetime’, this will the first ever TEDxIlala, Dar es Salaam. TED aims to bring people together to share ideas.

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