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Celebrating women in Tanzanian history

In a nod to the achievements of Tanzanian women throughout history, MUDA students will perform at the Tanzanian Gender Networking Programme event, 'Recognition of Tanzanian women in history', at the House of Culture. 


Choreographed by and entitled ____________________________. 

Dancing with the GoDown Arts Centre: Japhet and Elias

MUDA is proud to announce that students Emanuel Elias and Samwel Japhet have been selected to complete artist residencies and training at the GoDown Arts Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

Founded in 2003 in a disused warehouse, the GoDown Centre is an artistic hub in Nairobi’s industrial neighbourhood. Housing filmmakers, visual artists and performers, the GoDown Centre is a driving force of Kenya’s burgeoning contemporary art scene. 

Congrats Samuel and Emanuel!

A Cabinet of Curiosities

MUDA is set to perform as part of the Cabinet of Curiosities exhibition. Curators and artists, Delphine Buysse and Charlotte Schattenmann are bringing the 16th century Italian Renaissance tradition, where researchers and explorers would exhibit and catalogue in encyclopaedic detail the treasures of their travels, to present-day Tanzania. 

Ian Mwaisunga, MUDA’s artistic director, will choreograph a piece performed by our students entitled___________________. It looks at_______________________. 

A big thank you to all our trainers

MUDA would like to say a big thank you to all the trainers who taught at MUDA this year. Our students have undoubtably benefitted from your experience, expertise and professional network.

Until next year...



Time 2 Dance 2014

It's that time of year once again: MUDA presents the Time 2 Dance 2014 festival! 

This year, dance practitioners from Rwanda, Madagascar, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Germany and Canada will be gracing our stage.

This past year, MUDA has provided over 2000 hours of technical dance classes and workshops to our students, conducted by choreographers and trainers from Tanzania to Finland, Libya to Zimbabwe. Don’t miss them closing the festival on Saturday night!

Miondoko inaongea! Karibuni sana sana sana...


Check out this year's catalogue here:


MUDA performs at EU week

Time 2 Dance 2013: This year's round up

From mitumba shopping in Dar es Salaam, to turning the pages of a Norwegian grandmothers' teenage diary, this year's festival told stories from Tanzania, Germany, Norway, USA, Spain, Italy, Canada, India and Sweden.

Thank you again to the dancers, choregraphers, organisers and last but certainly not least, our sponsors for making Time 2 Dance 2013 possible. 

Here's our festival round-up!

Time 2 Dance Festival 2013

Every year, the Time 2 Dance Festival invites dance companies, choreographers and dancers from around the world to perform alongside MUDA students as part of Tanzania's only festival dedicated to contemporary dance. The festival serves as an opportunity for our students to recieve further training and networking opportunities with professionals from across the world. This year, the bill features artists and choreographers from Tanzania, Germany, Norway, USA, Spain, Italy, Canada, India and Sweden.

Time 2 Dance is founded on the belief that dance should be a respected profession and that it can be used to reflect society and communicate important ideas.


Have a flip through this year's catalogue:

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